If you want to spend quality time with your family, camping is the vacation where you will best connect with your loved ones.

Mutual lifting of the tent or setting the trailer, preparing food, enjoying time on the beach, visiting tourist attractions… all of this turns into a mutual adventure!

The size of the plots in the camp allow guests a certain privacy and comfort. The camp has a capacity of 70 camping units and can receive up to 200 people. The 3 plots have water, electricity and canalization and the rest have electricity.

The camp is 80% in forest, but because of its position at an elevation, there is always freshness that is brought by the Maestral wind blowing from the sea to the land.

Camping Nin with the way it is equipped and location is an ideal place where you can experience the camping of your dreams!

Enjoy your mutual vacation in the open air!

Sanitary facilities

Cleanliness is our priority, but also the feeling of comfort as well.

Modernly equipped sanitary facilities are equipped with standard equipment, sinks and showers with warm water, WC, area for washing dishes and laundry, and there are washing machines, an area for emptying the contents of mobile WC/chemical WC and a shower for dogs.

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